Greetings to diecastcars BG members

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Greetings to diecastcars BG members

Мнениеот thomasx » 22 Апр 2013, 18:44

Let me introduce myself shortly. My name is Tomek and I'm from Poland. Since 2 years I'm living and working in Bulgaria. I found this forum by occasion and as I'm a diecast collector I decide to join this group. My main subject are little cars in 1/43. I have some of them also here in Bulgaria. Majority of my collection is still in Poland and these are in 1/24 and also 1/18 but not decide yet what to do with them. In couple of days I'll post some pictures to share - I thing you will find them interesting. These all will be in 1/43 from BBR / Kyosho / Fly / Mr Collection /Jouef / Franklin Mint etc.
I choose local forum in BG instead of international due to my residence - unfortunetly I don't speak very well bulgarian ( OK not yet :-) but can understand most of the phrases - if there is a problem my daughter can help me with translation :-)
Best regards
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Re: Greetings to diecastcars BG members

Мнениеот Ивайло » 23 Апр 2013, 09:01

Welcome, Tomek! It's great to have you here! :shake:

I can't wait to see your collection. :) As for the translation, in most cases even works quite well.

I wish you a happy stay in the forum!
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Re: Greetings to diecastcars BG members

Мнениеот Wukill » 28 Апр 2013, 15:02

Welcome Tom ? (i hope its ok for u ) i would like to see your collection, especialy 1:18 scale :roll: Im collecting only 1:18 scale, u can see from my topics. Again welcome and have an active forum life :cheers:
Извинявеиte ако говоря погрешно български :)
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