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Shops BG

Мнениеот Dezz » 02 Окт 2014, 19:31

I know that there already is thread about shops but I don't speak really good bulgarian so it's hard for me to understand what each thread says.

I'm currently living in Sofia and I'm looking for specific items. And i would like to know some shops where i could buy them, it can also be shops out of sofia, if they have option to deliver items to delivery service office or to post.

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I've already contacted about this, but they don't have these items (at least not in stock)
Feel free to advice me some paint (must be spray can) i found only Tamiya. I need primer, yellow, red, black, top coat
- Trabant 601 Hellblau 1/24 (YM-24216LB) or some welly model
- Masking Tape Refill 6mm (TAM87033)
- Then some paint sprays but i suppose you don't have these colors.
All are Tamiya spray cans:
- TS49 Bright Red
- TS14 Black / TS40 Metallic Black
- TS16 Yellow
- TS13 Clear
- Tamiya Metal Primer

- Sandpaper (high-grit 600+)
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Re: Shops BG

Мнениеот Thunderbolt » 06 Окт 2014, 21:56

Hi there,

Most of the Tamiya items can be found in Hobbyland

As for the Trabant, it can be found in "Orange" bookstores in 24th scale by Revell
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Re: Shops BG

Мнениеот Dezz » 15 Окт 2014, 21:56

I've already bought Trabant (welly). Regarding Hobbyland, I've contacted them and they are planning to restock Tamiya sprays but they don't have ts-13 top coat and I think some of the colors. I also wrote them another email if they will receive these specific colors that they currently don't have but I still haven't received the answer.

Last two options for me are:
Super-Hobby (they have all colors but don't have top coat)
eBay (I wil have a problem with delivery)

So that's why I'm asking if there is any other store with these items.
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Re: Shops BG

Мнениеот Dezz » 03 Дек 2014, 20:55


I've bought almost everything I need. Last two things that I need are: masking tape and some small brush.
I can go without brush but masking tape is vital. I've visited hobbyland and they are currently out of stock and also they've told me that they won't sell tamiya's products anymore (because prices are getting higher).

Do anybody knows where I could buy masking tape?
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Re: Shops BG

Мнениеот spar4o » 07 Яну 2016, 21:29

You can try the "Orange" bookstore. There are at least 3 stores in Sofia. Also you probably would find some more Tamiya and Welly models for assembling there.
For the masking tape - probably in every ironmongery-kind-of-shop or paint shop they sell masking tape, but most of them (the tapes) are wide and aren't okay for masking 1:64 scale models - it isn't precision enough
Cheers! :xmassmile:
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Re: Shops BG

Мнениеот petsata » 20 Фев 2016, 21:13

Hi, I can offer you some welly models at very good price in 1/24 scale.
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